Cosima I Anklets

Cosima I Anklets

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Amethyst: Emotional Balance I Protection I Calming

Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer. It protects from negative energy and influences. Helps in calming the mind, reduces insomnia and relieves stress. Its peaceful energy assists in meditation and enhances intuition.  Provides clarity and enhances conscious perception and understanding.

Moonstone: Calming I Intuition I Passion I Feminine Energy

Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings and is strongly connected to the moon and helps connect you to your intuition and feminine energy. Moonstone is uplifting and calming, it enhances psychic ability and calms reactions, aiding in self-analysis.


- Beads are 4mm.

- Accents can be either  Sterling Silver or Gold filled.

- All of our jewelry is made with natural stones, therefore, each stone is unique. Please allow for minor differences between each stones.