About Me


Hello lovelies!!

Welcome to my shop! My name is Lavindi and I am the founder and creator behind Expressions by Lavindi.
I am a trained Social Worker turned entrepreneur. My first introduction to jewelry making began back in 2008 when my cousin took me to a jewelry-making workshop. It was here that I absolutely fell in love with the craft. I decided to start a one-year arts program while at the same time working for a small local business making jewelry where I realized that I have a true passion for it. And most importantly that I had skills y’all!! I continued with my passion making jewelry for family and friends. This inspired me to start my own venture in 2010 aka the birth of EBL. #Bossbabeinthemaking
I started out making jewelry and headbands to sell. At this point I was young and had no idea about the entrepreneurial life and doubted my skills constantly. After 6 months of pursuing EBL the daunting question of “when are you going back to school to get a real job” arose. #Immigrantparentproblems
I packed up my supplies and shoved them in a closet and returned to school to obtain my BA in psychology. #Beautyandbrains LOL


The rebirth of EBL

Round 2 began a little differently. I decided to try my hand at henna as a last minute idea for a school fun fair for the youth I was working with. From then on I was completely obsessed and you could not stop me from practicing henna on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! I even practiced on my husband HAHA. With LOTS and LOTS of encouragement from my hubby and friends EBL was born again with a twist.

It didn’t take long for what began as a side hustle to turn into my full time gig. The business began to flourish and my henna and jewelry making skills bloomed right along with it. This assisted me in finding my voice once more as an artist in the entrepreneurial world. #Round2 #stillgrowing
This journey has taught me that we have the power to create the life that we want! Though it hasn’t always been an easy journey, I am so grateful to be able to wake up every day and do what I love. I really believe that the sky is the limit and I am so excited to watch this little baby EBL grow even more.
Thank you for supporting my dream. All this is possible because of you!
Here are a few things that bring me joy
Plant lover – you can often catch me talking to my plant babies
Food – I love love love good food and trying new things, I am a self-proclaimed top chef. If you know you know!
My studio – you can find me jamming in my studio to soca or mellow R&B soul vibes while I create my masterpieces.
Candles/Incense – love me some yummy smelling Zen vibes
Rain – I LOVE the sounds of raindrops. I find it to be so soothing.
Exploring new and different cultures with my hubby aka the president of the EBL fan club
(because I got fans lol)